Friday, December 12, 2008

Cut n Paste Design Digital Design Tournament

Attention Doodlers, Designers and Novice Artist!
Cut&Paste’s 2009 tour—designers are now encouraged to submit entries to compete in the live 16-city 2009 Digital Design Tournament. Entry rules, guidelines and general information about the competition are available at The deadline for North American competitors is January 14, 2009 and European and Asian designers have until February 6.

Contest Details:
· This year, Cut&Paste is introducing the first-ever live 3D design and motion design contests
· The 2009 tour will begin in North America in March (Europe and Asia will follow)
· The Global Championships—which will feature a winner from each of the 16 participating cities—will take place in New York City in June 2009
· Grand Prize: One Grand Prize winner from each category in each city (48 in total) will receive an expenses-paid trip to New York City for the Global Championships.
For a complete list of prizes, visit:
For more info check out

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