Monday, January 5, 2009

Bisc 1: The Strange Love Project

My homie Bisc 1 is a talented dude. Hip hop artist, designer and visual artist are just a few of his titles. Last year he dropped his 3rd indie release, When electric night falls, a great CD, very winter time and moody feel to the album, and my personal fav of discography. He's been working on 'the strange love project' (When Electric Nightfalls remixed) for a good amount of time, there are so many great people involved, 20+ artists / 10+ producers, a mixtape, a online gallery featuring artwork inspired by the music, a new video about to drop and now you can have it all, free for the new year.
Artwork by: See One, Leias, Demostina, James and Karla T. Murray, Bishop 203(Wdup!), Joe Knight and more. Click here for the official download info.

For more on Bisc 1 and his work click here

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