Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dust La Rock - Best Of The Beast Exhibition

Joshua Prince aka Dust La Rock will be showcasing his artworks in a new mixed media exhibition, Best of the Beast, proudly presented by Red Stripe and Fool’s Gold. Known for his contemporary, illustrative design style, La Rock is a leading artist in today’s hybrid music culture. The much anticipated show will showcase a selection of original works, marking his first solo exhibition.

In this collection of work, Dust La Rock has created 18 original works that subvert traditional notions of the demonic and divine through metaphor, symbolism and comic sensibility. In his piece entitled “In His Service”, three dismembered pairs of feet represent different spiritual paths one can embark upon, while references throughout “The Golden Mean” and “As Above, So
Below” blend together imagery from religion, alchemy, science and magick to simultaneously debunk and pay tribute to their mystery.

The exhibit will take place on Thursday, April 23rd, 8pm-12am at the Christopher Henry Gallery, 127 Elizabeth Street, formerly a church. All works will be for sale the night of the event.

Christopher Henry Gallery
127 Elizabeth Street | Map

Exhibition Date: April 23rd, 8pm - 12am

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