Monday, April 20, 2009

Elevators networking event pix

Concep's Piece for the Diirty jenius Collabo. The colors and compostion are on point as usual

Kalae All Day. She's mad cool peoples. Im glad I met her, dope style as well right?

Me and Ashlene of Diva Domination holdin it down for the paparazzi. She's super awesome, has a killer Australian accent and smile. Also marketing/ branding genius

Lovely Singer, Evelyn came out looking flawless

Awesome views of the city

The creative process begins.

The final vision

So yesterday's networking event @ sly art was dope. Ashlene from Diva Domination, Concep and Kalae All Day, held the spot down. The artwork was dope, there was a great creative vibe all throughout the large loft space. The drinks were flowin as the paint splashed and that as the spot to be on a Sunday afternoon.

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