Monday, June 22, 2009

Summerstage: What a mess!!

Ben Angotti prepping his paint

The earth's layers..ripped apart and disected

"Think Green 60 x 80"

Saturday's Art Battle in Central Park's Summerstage was wet, messy and a washout. It was raining all day, despite the gray skies people still came out to support. Everything was cool until about 4pm when the rain really started coming down. My canvas got soaked, the crowd started to leave and it just turned to a "ugh" kin of day. Luckily the good folks at Art Battles got us back to the Red Bull Space in Soho to finish out pieces. I had to start over as my canvas was still drying in the corner. Nevertheless, we prevailed and our mural competition is over! A winner will be announced within 2 weeks. Good luck to my friends, fellow artists and competition; Andre Trenier, Ben Angotti and Max Bode. May the best artist win.

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