Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vaughn Bode 1974 video footage

The film was starting to disintegrate so the sound and video gets a spooky echo and starts to fade but it's still fresh. For those that dont know who this man is, He created, among others, the Cheech Wizard. 
Vaughn is one of the most influential American cartoonists of our time. Much of graffiti art itself comes from the work of Vaughn Bode. Rendering his characters, lettering and cartoon semiotics is a rite of passage for graffiti art crews. Vaughn Bode's art was made popular by writers like DondiSeenTracy and Mare 139.

Unrecognized by most in the fine art realm, the worlds and characters he created permeate our collective pop image bank like a classic visual rock & roll soundtrack for our times. Vaughn was the recipient in 1969 of a Hugo Award. In 1975 he received the Yellow Kid award in Lucca, Italy. For more o his work check his son, Mark Bode's site here

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