Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Old artwork...

This was and still is 1 of my all time fav illustrations. Remeinds me to think kid a kid when Im drawing and just have fun. Sometimes its cool to go outside the lines.
Damn, I remember when I did this. At a job I loathed (grrr) and bored as hell, this was done in a day. I felt like when I finished this piece I got a little better at understanding color
This was my old 8 ball character, maybe I should bring him back??
Ah man, colored pencils were cool. I dont use them as much anymore but it's something I might bring back
I used to love ove love lowriders back in hight school, this was done in 1997. The pointillism technique was cool, but after a while I just wanted to color it in lol.

Here are some old pieces of artwork I found from back in the day. Some of these range back for highschool and my early 20's. I have TONS of work that hasnt been scanned, so be on the lookout for more oldy but goody updates from 101 Nine Studios

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