Monday, September 21, 2009

Painting @ the Nike World Tour: Lebron James

The Walk around vid..
< <
Bishop 203...
Bishop 203...

My character on the front side

Beast Rock..
See One/ Bishop 203 collabo
We painted the Nike and Hot 97 logos from a 2ft ledge about 15-20 ft high, if we fall we die..
the other view from the top..

I was asked to paint at the Nike World Tour: Lebron James 2009 event which was held yesterday at Pier 33 in lower Manhattan. The experience was exciting, slightly overwhelming, frustrating and great all at the same time. I loved every minute of it. This project went on from last Thursday to this past Saturday, with the event happening on Sunday. I was overseeing this portion of the space, which was the centerpiece of the facility and was extremely important. I stayed all kinds of hours, most days until 4 or 5 am, just to make sure this was the best it could be. I brought 2 friends and talented artists along for the ride, Bishop 203 and Beast Rock from Alphabeta BK. We had free range over what was painted but kept in mind that this was a city to city tour and NYC had to rep to the fullest. The exhaustion, blisters, sweat and paint fumes were worth it as the finished product was awesome. Nike and Lebron loved the work and so did the fans. Special Thank you to Robert,Carl and of course, Nike for having such a fresh event, it was awesome to work with you guys. Thank you to Bishop and Beast Rock for coming thru and making this whole project come together, you guys are super talented.

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