Monday, February 9, 2009

New York Comic Con Pix

Aww yeah, professional baby!

My co-worker Paige had a table @ the con, all the nerds were tryin to talk to her lol.

Cool statues

I thought this was a time machine outfit it was dope, very original
I must get this game

Artist, Alberto Ruiz doin a lil sumthin in my blackbook
Holding up his fav piece in my book, I felt honored for him to even look thru my work. 

Watching him create this quick sketch was quite amazing. When he draws it looks like random lines then somehow it all comes together. I cant explain it, but his style is really fresh.

This guy was hilarious in his boxy ass Hulk outfit

Ne 1 remember Savage Dragon?
Huge crowds

The New York Comic Con was poppppiiiinnnnn this weekend, tons of people poured into the Javits Ctr. I haven't been to a comic con in a few years and this was a great way to come back and get into the madness. I really missed the world of comics and anime as I have felt disconnected from what made me fall in love with drawing in the first place. I feel good and inspired and definetly would like to have a table at the next convention in 2010. I've wanted to do an illustration book for quite some time, so it might be time to move forward and stop hesistating. 

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