Monday, February 9, 2009

Shepard Fairey vs. The Associated Press

A new development in regards to the controversy between artist Shepard Fairey and Associated Press. Last Wednesday, February 4th, the quintessential global news organization, Associated Press (AP), stated in a release that the popular Obama Hope poster, by Fairey, was in fact an asset of AP since it was based on a photograph taken by former AP photographer Mannie Garcia. Therefore, the news service is seeking credit and loyalty for its usage. Fairey fired back this morning. With the help of Stanford Law School and firm Durie Tangri, Fairey filed a lawsuit against AP. In the compliant, Fairey and his firm, Obey Giant, wants a legal declaration that the poster did not infringe on AP’s copyright. It also seeks a protection from AP’s future claims of copyright infringement against anyone currently own the poster or derivatives from it. Expect more development to come soon.
Courtesy of Freshness

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