Monday, May 18, 2009

Chillin @ Dylated/ Munchiebrain Studios

Exclusive shot of "KiKA DADA" by Songsak Kiaoon aka Jack. Me and Pete checkin things out
I like this one
I want this lightbox table 
They really stepped up their studio space, 2 levels!!

Bang (left) and Peter(right)
I went to pick up art supplies this past Saturday and ran into my homies, Bang and Peter from Dylated and Munchiebrain. We floated around the apple for a minute then I went back to brooklyn to check it their new studio. They've really grown into a full blown studio/creative space and are stepping up their printing game big time. Look out for these guys, you'll be hearing from the them soon enough. Check out the Dylated online shop here and if you're on myspace click here

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