Monday, May 18, 2009

Destroy and Rebuild NYC Art Collective

These guys are dope! I remember first seeing them 2 summers ago in Soho like wow, this shit is hot!  I liked the mixed media aspect of they're work and the overall grittyness that reminds me on NYC. Check out theyre collective bio...

Prior to the thought of ever making a living from creating art, we were all forcing our work around the city, illegally. We spend countless years doing graffiti and dealing with law, until we decided to do something positive with our talent - we formed Destroy&Rebuild. Our art collective is based on the philosophy of creation through destruction; transforming street graffiti into positive urbane-industrial art.

      Members of Destroy&Rebuild were born in New York and started doing art on the streets and the trains of the city. Collectively, each member adds not only a long history of doing graffiti but also bringing together different styles, tools and creative elements in creating our art. We blend and combine the use photography, paints, silk-screen, graphic design, hand done illustration, rust oxidation and collage in our unique pieces.   

      Today, Destroy&Rebuild has become a permanent fixture on Prince street in Soho. Our art speaks to  people of all ages, color and cultures across the globe. We’ve had the opportunity to showcase our work in many venues in the tri-state area including the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, VH1 private television event, Sundance Film Festival, Styles P music video, and Inoperable gallery in Vienna amongst other. 

      Aside from creating and selling art, we take time off to give back to our community. We do a lot of motivational speaking at elementary and high schools such as East Tremont Elementary School in the Bronx, West Orange HS in New Jersey, and Bushwick HS in Brooklyn. We tell our stories to the children of the neighborhood hoping to inspire and support their artistic dreams.  We are involved in community events where we clean up old graffiti and replace it with beautiful murals; encouraging everyone and anyone to pick up a spray can or paint brush and rebuild the neighborhood. As a collective, we strive to work together creating, showcasing, and educating the world about our world.

Check out the Destroy and Rebuild site here and they're Flickr

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