Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Only in Japan..a 59 ft Gundam statue

In 1979, director Yoshiyuki Tomino (由悠季 富野) and production company SUNRISE captured the imagination of countless fans around with the introduction of Amuro Ray and his mechanized Mobile Suit Gundam.  Unlike most of its predecessors, it wasn’t just another anime about a boy and his giant robot. Amuro Ray brought realism to the animated series with his adolescent angst, the guilt of taking lives, and teenage crush, amidst a galactic war between Zeon Empire and Earth Federation. This year, SUNRISE and BANDAI NAMCO will curate a summer-long festival for the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise’s 30th anniversary, which include a life-size mock-up of Gundam. Measuring at 59-foot in height, the giant figurine will feature active light signals and limited animatronic functions. The statue is now a work in progress at Shiokaze Park (潮風公園) in Odaiba (台場), Tokyo, with the unveiling date set on July 11th.  It will also usher in a special Gundam Big Expo starting on August 21st. 

Gundam 30th Anniversary - Life-Size Gundam Shiokaze Park | Map Odaiba, Tokyo Japan

On Display Date: July 11th (Saturday) - August 31st (Monday)

via: Engadget/Mainichi Daily

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